2019 Virtual Mental Health Summit


If you couldn't make the summit live or you just really loved the sessions and want to be able to watch (or listen) to them on demand, here is ALL the content (plus more!) bundled up and available for you.

15 Wellness Experts reveal their insights, tools, and strategies for creating wellness from within in a practical, realistic way. You get:

  • Every video in M4A video format
  • Every session in MP4 audio format (great for those of you who like podcasts!!)
  • Powerful mental health bonus books and guides (4 of them!)
  • Special deals and discounts from speakers and experts
  • Recommended readings and app suggestions from speakers
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Speaker Sessions

15 Lessons

This section contains all video and audio files of speaker sessions from the 2019 Virtual Mental Health Summit.


1 Lessons

E-books and information to help you in your everyday life.

  • Navigating Wellness: Exploring the Space in a Healthy Way (ebook)
  • Depression: Learning to Live with a Mental Illness (ebook)
  • 10 Habits of Mentally Healthy People + Worksheet
  • 12 Recovery Phrases That Can Help Anyone (mini book)

Mental Health Resources

1 Lessons

Websites and other mental health resources for individuals and families when looking for help or coping mechanisms to add to their own toolboxes.

Discount Codes

1 Lessons

Discount codes and offers from our speakers.

Recommended Readings and Apps from Sessions

1 Lessons

Links to various books and apps mentioned by speakers throughout the sessions.

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